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Jay Yarbrough Biography

Jay Yarbrough is a singer songwriter from Royal Oak, Michigan. He began his musical journey at the age of 8, when he wrote his first song. Jay picked up the guitar in 1976 and began honing his craft.

Jay is a prolific singer songwriter, having written hundreds of songs in his career. He is known for his unique style and heartfelt lyrics. He has performed in venues across the country and his songs are known for their powerful lyrics, catchy melodies and unique style. Jay’s songs are a reflection of his experiences, emotions and non-religious spirituality, which he expresses through his music, making it relatable to his audience.

In 1991, Jay formed a band called “The Mind” which played headline concerts featuring all original songs in the Detroit, Pontiac and Ann Arbor areas. The power trio band was known for their unique songs and their intense performances.

Throughout his career, Jay has been praised for his musicianship, songwriting, vocals and performances.

The new album untitled
is coming soonish.



I Don’t Mind

Schooled People

My Seeking Lover

On This Night

Weather The Storm

The Dream of MaryCarol

Looking For Love

Screwed By Fear

Another Day Getting Through