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Believe In It

Music and Lyrics by Jay Yarbrough

In 1985 I had a breakthrough of songwriting in which a handful of songs occurred. Believe In It was one that felt special.

This song is about me reminding myself that the time to create is NOW. It was one of the first songs I ever channelled and its energy flowed through me with ease. This creative process felt like my natural way and the message to myself was to believe in it.

I jammed with different musicians throught the 80s and early 90s but it wasn’t until I put together my band The Mind in 1991/1992 that the song was finally performed.

The song was recorded in 1992 at Tempermill Studios in Ferndale, MI and was the opening song on the album ‘First Pouring of The Mind’. It was then performed live in headline shows in Hamtramck, Detroit, Pontiac, Ann Arbor and other local cities.

Jay Yarbrough 1984 Believe In It
Jay Yarbrough and The Mind at St Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI 1992
Jay Yarbrough and The Mind at Finney's, Detroit, MI 1992
Jay Yarbrough and The Mind at The Ritz, Roseville, MI 1993

Little by little everything unfolds,
Exposing the weakness that causes the mold;
Creative stagnation can determine your fate,
You just lounge around,
You think that it can all wait for you.

Time after time of continual blast,
Your shield becomes tougher and stronger, at last!
No longer a boy,
A true ironed man,
You’ve got to create in the time that you can, my friend.
(You’ve got to see the difference of the Mind)

And if you reach a time
In which you doubt the Mind,
Just remember the passion that drives your kind.
“How shall I ever manage to paint what I love so much?”,
Shouted Vincent across the field
To the peasants out of touch with the world.
(He loved them so much)

Take your pencil ~
Slip away…
Cut them off,
Begin today.
Obsess yourself,
Complete your stay,
Believe the feel that flows within your veins.

Believe in It.